A downloadable game for Windows

The game tells the story of the end of the world.

Watch the world die as you desesperatly try to keep it alive in this apocalyptic "point and clicker" !

Also, sorry for my incredible english accent and my awsome acting, I'm not used to do that :')

This game was made for the 2019 Community Game Jam.

The theme was "The game is a liar"

Install instructions

Extract the zip in a folder and run the game !


ThisIsHowItEnds - Windows (with post-jam bug fixes).zip 26 MB
ThisIsHowItEnds - Windows.zip 26 MB


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hi. just wanted to let you know "This is how it ends !" was featured on the Indie Hunters Best of 2019 stream. it received a mention for Best Narrative, Non-VN (2:50:32) and was a Top 10 pick of mine (3:57:57)

really liked this game. it was one of my favorites out of the 600+ games i played. it was very pleasant and had a nice take on the "lie" theme. it was a well done jam game, kudos


Waw, thank you ! I wasn't expecting someone to record a video on my game :D

It was really fun to watch, thank you for playing !

I couldn't get the mac build to work. I had to log in to YoYo Games or something.

Ok, I will try to fix that before the deadline :)

Thanks! I really want to play the game. Looks great!

Alright, I sorry but I wasn't able to do it...

I spent the entire day trying to make it happen but making a game for macOS is really really difficult...

Maybe you could try running the game in a virtual machine instead ?

If you can't I'm again very sorry.

That's okay! Maybe you could make a video, and post it! Then I can watch the game, and rate it! Looks really good!